100 year old banyan tree fell in strong storm in Muzaffarnagar, cut with electric machine


Muzaffarnagar. A banyan tree fell heavily in the district this morning due to the strong storm. In the same middle of the road, there was a jam due to the falling of the tree. On the instructions of the district administration, the tree was removed from the middle of the road by sending JCB machine. The city’s weather became pleasant due to a sprinkling of rain accompanied by strong wind, but after some time the sun came out again.

The Meteorological Department had told that on May 26 and 27, there will be strong thunderstorms in most of the districts of western Uttar Pradesh and there will be possibility of rain. There was a sudden change in the weather on Saturday morning and it became dark. With the decrease, a strong storm started blowing. During this, a banyan tree about 100 years old standing on the side of the road near Dwarkapuri on Bhopa road collapsed due to the gust of wind. On the instructions of the district administration, officials of the forest department reached the spot and took stock of the situation. After this, with the help of JCB machines, the trunk of the tree was planted on the roadside and the way was cleared by cutting the branches of the tree with electric machines.

A drop in temperature has been recorded on Saturday morning due to light rain showers and thunderstorms. The maximum temperature was recorded at 35.4 degree Celsius on Friday. People were in bad condition due to the heat throughout the day. But on Saturday, due to light rain, the weather became quite pleasant.

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