3 Facial Exercises That Will Keep You Young Even Beyond 45!


Everyone wishes that they look very beautiful and look young for a long time. For this, people especially women also take many types of skin treatments. But many yoga experts believe that any kind of treatment can bring a glow to your skin only for a few days, not forever.

If you really want a permanent remedy for this, then first of all improve your diet and improve lifestyle. Apart from this, do some such facial exercises which are meant to improve your skin. Know here three easy exercises that are considered antiaging. By doing these, all the problems like wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles are removed and the skin gets tightened.

To tighten the skin of the cheeks

First of all, wash the mouth with water and apply almond, coconut or olive oil in circular motion, then do this exercise. For this, open your mouth and cover your teeth with your lips and make a pout. After that close your mouth and smile. Take care not to show your teeth while smiling. After this, place your fingers on the chin and push the head backward and massage the jaw line with the fingers. Do this exercise about 5 to 7 times at a time. Doing this daily will tighten the muscles of your cheeks.


To get rid of double chin problem

If you have fat near your smile lines, double chin problem or wrinkles, then do a 10-second spoon exercise. For this, keep the spoon in the mouth from the opposite side (from where we hold the spoon). Now place a toffee, peas or gram grains or marbles in the spoon. Now balance the thing kept in the spoon for about 10 seconds. Then relax. Repeat this sequence two to three times at a time.

To reduce wrinkles around the eyes

Wrinkles around the eyes also start showing the effect on the face. To slow down the process of wrinkles and to reduce the puffiness, the exercises mentioned here have been of great use. For this, first apply almond or olive oil around the eyes. After this, gently pat the tip of the finger around the eyes. After this, with the help of the index finger, gently massage the outer corner of the eye and move it upwards. Massage gently. It reduces wrinkles and dark circles and improves blood circulation.


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