No possibility of herd immunity in 2021 even after corona vaccine: WHO


Vaccination has begun in many countries around the world to prevent the corona virus epidemic and is about to begin in many countries. Meanwhile, the talk of a leading scientist of the World Health Organization may disappoint people. The lead scientist has warned that herd immunity is unlikely to develop this year, even after corona vaccination begins. In a media briefing on Monday, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan said that in the near future many countries will have to rely on other physical measures, including physical distance, to prevent the spread of corona. In recent weeks, other countries, including Britain, the United States, France, Canada, Germany, Israel and the Netherlands, have started vaccinating Corona to their citizens. Swaminathan said that even if the vaccine starts protecting sensitive people,

herd immunity.

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in 2021 we will not be able to develop herd immunity.

Even if it happens in places or some countries, it is not going to protect people around the world. According to the scientist, herd immunity usually requires about 70% vaccination rate. This makes the entire population safe against any disease. But corona is quite contagious, so some believe that 70 percent will not work for it. WHO Director-General’s Advisor, Dr. Bruce Ileward, said the United Nations health agency was hoping that the corona virus vaccination could begin in some of the world’s poorest countries later this month or in February. Urged the global community to make more efforts to ensure vaccine access to all countries. He said that the WHO needs the cooperation of vaccine manufacturers especially to start vaccination of vulnerable populations.

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