50 Common questions can be asked in Competitive Exams 2020


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Question 1- Who separates the main land of India from Rameswaram Island.

Answer – Adam’s Bridge.

Question 2- In terms of area, what is the order of the three big states of India.

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50 Common questions can be asked in Competitive Exams 2020

Answer – Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra!

Question 3- In which state are the Satpura hills.

Answer – In Madhya Pradesh.

Question 4- Which is the highest peak of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Answer – Saddle Peak.

Q5- In which states is the Deccan plateau located?

Answer – Deccan plateau located in 6 states Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Q6- In which state is the Dharbad plateau located?

Answer – Karnataka.

Q7- In which state are the Nilgiri Hills located?

Answer – In Tamil Nadu.

Q8- What is the height of the peak named Annaaimudi.

Answer – 2695 meters.

Q9- In which state are the Aravalli hills located?

Answer – In Rajasthan.

Question 10- Which river forms the border between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.

Answer – Sankosh River.

Question 11- According to geologists what was the Himalayan mountain first.

Answer – There was a sea called Tithis.

Question 12- When was the redclick line drawn between India and Pakistan.

Answer – On 15 August 1947.

Question 13- Mahendra Giri hills are on the coast of which two states?

Answer – It is on the coast of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

Question 14- Which is the largest port in the union territories.

Answer – Port Blair.

Question 15- Where is Colaba Point.

Answer – In Mumbai.

Q-16- When was the Durand Line between India and Afghanistan determined.

Answer – In 1896.

Question 17- Which is the largest coastal lake of India.

Answer – Chilka Lake (Odisha).

Question 18- Which is the largest lake of fresh water?

Answer – Bular Lake.

Question 19- In which state of India is the Buller Lake?

Answer – Jammu and Kashmir.

Question 20- Which is the biggest saltwater lake.

Answer – Sambhar Lake.

Question 21- When was the last time Heli Dhuketu was seen?

Answer – 1986 AD.

Question 22- When will the Haley Comet appear next time.

Answer – 2062 AD

Question 23- In 1994 AD, what was the name of the comet hitting the planet Jupiter.

Answer – Shoemaker Levy – 9.

Question 24- Constellations How many constellations have been identified so far.

Answer – 89.


Question 25- How are the wires formed.

Answer – From the clouds of gas in the sky Ganges.

Question 26- Which star is closest to the Earth.

Answer – Sun.

Question 27- Which is the brightest star seen from the earth.

Answer – Cyrus (This star is also known as Vyadh or Lubandh).

Question 28- What are the stars whose light is less than the sun?

Answer – Vamana Tara.

Question 29- The stars which have more light than the Sun are called.

Answer – giant star (eg Betelgeuse, Sirius, Antaris)

Question 30- Which stars can become black holes.

Answer – Three times the size of the Sun.

Question 31- Who is called Prithvi’s sister.

Answer – Venus.

Question 32- What is the pole star?

Answer – The star that appears in the north.

Question 33- How many years before the universe was born today.

Answer – 7 billion years ago from the Big Bang incident.

Question 34- Who were the proponents of the theory from the origin of the universe.

Answer – Belgian astronomer AB George Lemanter.

Question 35- What is called peninsular universe.

Answer – Mandakini.

Question 36- What is a galaxy called?

Answer – Mandakini.

Question 37- What is the shape of our sky Ganges?

Answer – Spiral.

Question 38- Who first saw Akash Ganga?

Answer – Galileo.

Question 39- What is the diameter of the universe.

Answer – 108 light years.

Question 40- What is light year.

Answer – Light years is a measure of distance, not of time.

Question 41- What is the Droverf Mandakini.

Answer – The latest known Mandakitani.

Question 42- What is the name given to the nearest galakini of the galaxy.

Answer – Devayani.

Question 43- What percentage of the earth is clean water.

Answer – 2.5 percent.

Question 44- What are the two important properties of ocean water.

Answer – Temperature and salinity.

Question 45- What is the part of the watershed which does not have a definite boundary?

Answer – Ocean.

Question 46- Which is the largest ocean?

Answer – Pacific Ocean.

Question 47- What does the Gulf mean.

Answer – The area of ​​water that enters the terrestrial part of the sea is called the Gulf.

Question 48- Which ocean has higher annual temperature.

Answer – Atlantic Ocean.

Question 49- How salinity is expressed.

Answer – per thousand.

Question 50- What is the average salinity of sea water.

Answer – 35 per thousand.


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