58 services of RTO are online, you can apply even if you do not have Aadhaar, know what is the complete information

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In a statement issued by the ministry on Saturday, it has been said that now 58 services are available without contact without people going to government offices. Taking advantage of which will also save time and the increasing burden in the office will also be reduced.

Why the change?

  • To reduce the increasing burden in RTO offices.
  • To provide contactless services for the convenience of the people.
  • To save time of government officials, employees and people.
  • Quick completion of work in stipulated time.

Which services will be online?

Online services for which people can verify Aadhaar include learner’s license, driving license copy and driving without showing driving. of license Services such as renewal are included.

it will work even if not

The ministry had issued a notification in this regard on September 16. As per this notification, a person who does not have Aadhaar can directly avail the services by showing any other identity proof. With this people will not face any difficulty in applying for other identity cards and they can easily register for any service.

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