6 Ways To Stay Energetic And Happy By Eliminating Fatigue Of Lockdown!


Due to the lockdown, most people are facing this problem, to avoid this, take special care of food and drink, take time to do the work of your choice.

If these days you feel like working continuously or you always like to rest, then it is possible that you are suffering from ‘Lockdown Fatigue’. It has been almost 19 months since the corona epidemic started and since then there have been many lockdowns. So many people are suffering from this problem. Let us know what this problem is and how to get relief from it.

What is lockdown fatigue?

According to the report of Times of India, Rohit Garg, Senior Consultant of Mind Vriksha in Delhi explains that the way a car is not driven, its battery runs out. Similarly, if a person does not move here and there, he has to face fatigue. It’s actually mental fatigue, not physical fatigue.

symptoms of lockdown fatigue

Experts believe that in this condition one does not feel like waking up in the morning, forgetting to do work and household chores, being tired and lethargic throughout the day, feeling like sleeping again and again, having severe body pain, feeling sick all the time, etc. .

– feeling tired throughout the day
– not getting enough sleep
– Too much focus on the future and uncertainties
– Unable to concentrate on work
– not maintaining a routine

Due to lockdown fatigue

Dr Manohar KN, a consultant doctor in Bangalore, says that in the current situation, working from home has been a major contributor to this fatigue. Psychiatrist Dr Naveen Jayaram also confirms this. They say that in the last few weeks there have been at least 4-5 cases involving problems related to exhaustion and fatigue. People are coming with complaints of restlessness, lethargy and fatigue.

Ways to avoid lockdown fatigue

As social distancing and work from home situation is becoming the new normal, it becomes very important to find a solution to this problem. Kamna Chibb, chief of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences at Fortis, says that to take care of yourself and overcome this fatigue, you should focus on the things that you can control on a daily basis.

– Stay motivated and active
-Eat a good diet and hydrate regularly
– Avoid sleeping during the day
– Keep mobile and laptop away while going to bed
– Maintain social connections

Use these things to get rid of fatigue


Tomato Soup

Drinking fresh tomato soup increases appetite, and the lack of blood in the body is removed. This remedy also removes physical weakness. Redness comes on the face by drinking tomato soup.


By consuming coffee, mental stress is removed, and the body also feels a new freshness. Drinking coffee after a meal makes the stomach feel lighter. Small stomach upsets also get removed by drinking coffee.

salt and cold water

To remove muscle weakness, mix some salt in cold water and then massage the whole body with that solution. By doing this remedy the muscles of the body will get relief.

Peepal leaf jam

Marmalade of Peepal leaves is beneficial to remove physical weakness. The body gets strength even after eating good quality walnut kernels.

get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential to wake up fresh and energetic in the morning. A person should sleep for 7-8 hours to be healthy. It helps in bringing back the lost energy of the body. If you feel tired during the day, you can take a nap.

8 glasses of water

To keep the body healthy, it is necessary to drink 8-9 glasses of water daily. This keeps the body hydrated and makes you energetic. Whenever you have a lack of energy in the body, drink a glass of water. This gives instant energy to the body.

Vitamins are also important

To overcome the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body, a salad of garden lettuce leaves should be eaten with food. The weakness of the body is also removed by swallowing whole flaxseeds with a glass of milk every day. This experiment can also be done twice a day, but start with once.


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