See if you are smarter or not by these weird things


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Hello guys , we brings you today something interesting. So if you want to know you are smart or not? then read the full article know by yourself

6. A good reader is a good leader:

Let me tell you that reading is something that makes your area of thoughts & imagination much broader than earlier.


5. Prefer to spend time alone:

Do you know intelligent people enjoy spending time alone because being with a group of people leaves them awkward.

4. Being the elder one in the family:

Do you know it is proven that the elder sibling in the family posses higher IQ, around three points higher than the younger one.

3. Doesn’t suffer from obesity:

A research conducted in the year of 2006 showed a body mass index & cognitive function, a scientist from France analyzed & came to the conclusion that waist circumference is directly connected with high IQ levels.

2. Neither wants to workout:

As per the study it is said that, people who are intelligent are lower inclined towards active works & keeps their energy for doing other useful tasks.

1. Sensitive to louder sounds:

A study conducted by scientists from the University of Helsinki showed the ability of a person to find unusual solutions to many problems & loath & unification towards louder music & sounds, even get distracted by snoring, coughing & sneezing of others.


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