Drinking water while standing can cause many serious diseases.

Latest News :- Throughout the day, we do many things knowingly or unknowingly which can prove to be harmful to our health. One such task is drinking water. One must drink water when feeling thirsty. But if some rules given by Ayurveda are kept in mind before drinking water, then the body can be saved from getting diseased. According to Ayurveda, water should never be drunk while standing. By doing this, many types of diseases can occur in the body. So let us know.

1. According to Ayurveda, by drinking water while standing, the water directly passes through the alimentary canal and hits the inner surface of the stomach, due to which the chances of stomach-related diseases increase. This can also cause disturbances in the digestive system.

2. Drinking water while standing increases the risk of arthritis and also causes reduction in fluid in the joints of the body. The fluid in the joints helps the joints to function properly. Due to this, there may be complaints of pain and arthritis in joints, waist and knees.

3. When drinking water while standing, water flows into the alimentary canal at high speed, due to which the remains of food and other things stuck in the alimentary canal are not completely cleaned. This increases the chances of heartburn, mouth ulcers, bad breath and sour belching.

4. Drinking water while standing puts a lot of stress on the intestines, which can also cause stomach ache.

5. Drinking water while standing causes tension in the nerves, due to which sometimes there is a possibility of stomach ulcer and the digestion system gets disturbed.

6. Drinking water while standing does not control the amount of acid in the body. If this happens continuously, acidity may occur.

7. Drinking water while standing puts more pressure on the inner surface of the stomach, due to which the stomach starts bloating and the stomach moves out.

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