9 of the most interesting photos to ever grace the web


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Photos from the category of “oddities” and “unusual” are always interesting to see, because not everyone is lucky to see such pictures in life. For example, how often did you observe the desperate attempt of the seagull to rescue the feathered relative that the eagle grabbed? Let’s look at a selection of interesting photos from the Web and expand our horizons a bit.

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1. The seagull is trying to rescue a comrade from the clutches of an eagle.

2. Apple in December.


3. Christmas miracle: a tree continues to grow in the house.

4. White stripes inside the strawberries connect each individual kernel to the core

5. Steam from the sewer grate turned to snow due to severe frost on the street.

6. Face ID in Iphone X becomes visible in the photo.

7. Multi-colored drops of water on an oil stain.

8. The “inner world” of the guitar resembles a designer apartment.

9. An angiogram showing damage to the vessels of the index finger of a master in the game with yo-yo.



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