'The slogan of Mullah, Madrasa and Mafia is loud in Bengal', Union Home Minister Amit Shah strongly attacked Mamata Banerjee

New Delhi. Union Home Minister and BJP leader Amit Shah has accused Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar and National Conference President Farooq Abdullah of trying to intimidate him by saying, “Don't talk about PoK because Pakistan has the nuclear bomb.” Shah stressed, “I want to say, you people be afraid, we will take back PoK.” Targeting West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, he said that slogans of 'Mullah, Madarsa, Mafia' are resonating loudly in the state. Addressing a rally in Hooghly, he criticized the opposition and claimed that he did not attend the event out of respect but out of fear of losing the vote bank.

Shah accused Mamata Banerjee and Congress of opposing the abrogation of Article 370. He said that when he was questioned, he threatened to shed rivers of blood. Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government, he said, “Five years have passed, yet they do not have the courage to lift a single pebble.” He highlighted the rising tourism in Kashmir and rising wheat prices in PoK.

Shah assured that the Modi government has integrated Kashmir into India by removing Article 370. He referred to the protests in PoK and compared them with the attacks that took place during the Congress era. He stressed the absence of strikes in Kashmir under his rule, saying that now only bandhs and stone pelting take place in PoK. He reaffirmed his commitment to reclaim PoK despite threats.

Referring to Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar's recent remarks regarding Pakistan's nuclear bomb, Shah criticized him and his party. He stressed that PoK belongs to India and urged Rahul Gandhi and Mamata Banerjee to express their opinions fearlessly. Shah criticized Mamata Banerjee, accusing her of discriminating against Hindus and Buddhists in granting citizenship to Bangladeshi infiltrators. He concluded by condemning the rise of slogans like 'Mullah, Madrassa, Mafia' in Bengal and urging them to reject them.

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