A bootlegger was caught with a car full of liquor worth 2.41 lakhs from Shapar-Veraval


While going home after finishing work at night, an unknown person tried to drag her into the drain at a deserted place near Madhapar Chowk, the nurse resisted and escaped.

The police only tried to suppress the incident by taking the application

In Rajkot, near Madhapar Chowkdi, Gandhigram Police has started a search for the accused and has started to register a case of attempted rape on a girl working as a nurse in AIIMS.
The incident of attempted rape of a nurse who was going to her night home after finishing duty from the civil hospital has raised eyebrows of the police. After the incident, instead of registering the crime immediately, the police have raised many questions against the performance of the police by saying that the accused will be caught and then they will register the crime.
In this incident which took place on last 20th, a 23-year-old girl from Rajasthan who was living in a flat in Mahaveer Residency near Madhapar Chowk and was working in AIIMS, after finishing her duty at the civil hospital at night, came to Madhapar Chowk in a rickshaw from the hospital at 8 o’clock in the night and got off at the chowkdi and crossed the road. At around 10 o’clock, Mahaveer was walking towards the residence, the road leading to the apartment was dirt and dark, when the girl was walking, someone came running from behind.
Realizing this, the nurse turned back and saw a man of around 30 to 35 years old wearing a black jacket rushed towards her, before the nurse knew anything, grabbed her from behind, pulled her hair and grabbed her hand and dragged her towards the adjacent drain. Started trying. As the nurse resisted him with courage, the man became more agitated and pushed the nurse and started to knock her down.
The nurse continued to resist and as she tried to get up, the man pushed her down and tried to drag her to a deserted place, the nurse did not give in and she bravely resisted and ran away from the attempted rapist’s handcuffs and reached her apartment. had gone, the people who were sitting there reached there telling the residents of the apartment, but by that time he had fled away. After he was caught, he was sent away after taking only the application of the nurse saying that he would file a complaint. Due to the order of the police commissioner not to register a crime in a serious incident, despite such an incident, the mentality of the police has been revealed by taking an application instead of a complaint. The police presented some laborers working on the pool under construction near Madhapar Chowkdi before the nurse, but as none of them were present, the police started the usual investigation.

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