A habit changed life, this person did this work for 20 years to avoid operation. Man roaming without shoes for last 20 years kn


Every person has a habit of his own and there are many reasons behind the formation of that habit, but have you ever heard about the habit of such a person. One who has not worn slippers and shoes for twenty years

Man Who Never Wear Sleeper

Often, when living at home, we ignore slippers and shoes… but while going out, we take full care of our footwear because if we go out without slippers and shoes, our feet may get hurt and if seen, People are seen around us without slippers and shoes, we look at them with disdain. But do you know that there is a person in the world who has been roaming without slippers and shoes for the last twenty years and the biggest thing is that now he does not even feel the lack of slippers and shoes.

We are talking about 59-year-old Joseph DeRuvo Jr., who lives in Connecticut, USA, who does not remember the last time he wore shoes. According to the report, in the year 2002, his toe had swollen (bunions) and all this happened because he used to wear sports shoes for a long time. Seeing the swelling, the doctor advised him to undergo surgery. After this, he stopped wearing shoes because whenever he used to wear shoes, he had unbearable pain, so he decided that he would not wear shoes anymore.

That’s why did not wear slippers and shoes for 20 years

However, he did this not on his own mind but on the advice of the doctor. By his decision, by the time the day of surgery came, his pain and swelling had reduced considerably. That’s why he decided that now he will not get its surgery done and soon his leg started getting better and that’s why since then till today he walks only in bare shoes and slippers. He told that he does not remember the last time he wore shoes and slippers, but he remembers that in the year 2002 he stopped wearing shoes.

Due to this habit, Diruvo has to be embarrassed many times. Many times even entry is not available in the restaurant with bare feet. For this, he keeps thin sandals with him in the car. So that she somehow gets an entry in the meetings and she keeps them open as soon as she goes inside.

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