A Listening Message For The UK To Achieve Zero



Giving a speech at the Dan Screen Academy, Sunak said that it is socially acceptable to joke about not knowing maths in the UK, but this has to change. Citing his plans to grow the UK economy in the long term, Sunak said the UK of the future cannot allow bad numeracy to cost the economy tens of billions a year.

The person who feels the weak pulse of the society which considers itself superior on the basis of race and tells its diagnosis is none other than a son of India. He is the son of the same India who gave the unique scientific gift of zero to the world. When the world was wandering in the darkness of barbarism, even at that time the developed civilizations in the lap of India were playing tricks and the sages here were engaged in the fields of knowledge, science, literature and philosophy. It is the result of those practices that ancient India made such inventions in the fields of mathematics, science, and philosophy, which proved to be milestones in the development of human society.

The sage of ancient India who introduced zero to the world, was the great mathematician and astronomer of 5th century Swanamdhanya Aryabhatta. The concept of mathematics came to the fore only after the discovery of zero. This was the result of Aryabhatta’s Bhagirath effort, due to which mathematical procedures like addition, subtraction came into existence. The concept of zero and its integration into the place value system made it possible to write numbers, no matter how large, using only ten symbols.

The meaning of the saying is that “White Man’s Burden” To those who consider themselves superior to the self-proclaimed principle of science, in reality a son of the oldest country in the world of knowledge and science has taken the initiative of giving the Guru Mantra of achieving goals with the help of mathematical formulas, it is not unusual. India has been guiding the world for centuries, and this initiative by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak seems to be a continuation of that series.

(This article is based on personal views.)

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