A mistake cost dearly, the owner of 100 crores came on the road overnight, know how


There is no assurance of man’s destiny. Can’t tell when to turn. If time is good then luck makes you rich in one moment, but if time is bad then luck makes you beggar in next moment. Something similar happened with a person who suddenly became the owner of 100 crores, but his wealth remained only for a few days and he again came to the streets.

If a person spends on entertainment instead of saving money without planning, he can become a pauper like John McGuinness living in Britain. According to a report in The Sun, John made millions from his fortune but could not manage his wealth. He indulged in his hobby so much that even his wealth of 100 crores fell short.

In 1997, John won a lottery of Rs 100 crore, that is, he got so much money sitting at home. In such a situation, John, a resident of Britain, started blowing this money without any reason. He bought cars of Bentley, Mercedes, Jaguar, Ferrari and BMW models and bought himself a luxurious bungalow worth Rs 13 crore. Apart from this, he spent around Rs 30 crore on the family by buying a sea facing apartment worth Rs 5 crore.

After investing money without a plan, he realized that he lost all the money he had saved from the lottery. Talking to The Sun, John said that he not only bought luxury cars but also spent holidays in many luxurious places. He admits that he blew all the money he won to live a comfortable life, but is now worried about how he’s going to pay his shopping bills. John, who once wore only designer clothes and spent lakhs on holidays, says he is now poor.

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