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AI helps paralyzed man walk: This year Artificial Intelligence has made its own identity in the market. Every day some or the other news is coming out regarding AI. Till now, with the help of AI, news was coming out about reading the human mind and interpreting dreams. But now another amazing charisma of AI has been seen. Actually, some researchers cured a person who was paralyzed for 12 years with the help of AI and now he can walk easily. AI is going to play a major role in the healthcare sector in the coming times.

Charisma through the digital bridge

Actually, a person named Gert-Jan Oscum lost his ability to walk in a bicycle accident in 2011 and was paralyzed from the waist down. After being paralyzed, Oskam had given up hope that he would ever be able to walk again. However, after 11 years, with the help of European researchers, Oscam was able to run again. Researchers placed two implants in his brain and spinal cord, with the help of which a connection was made between his brain and spinal cord and Oscum could walk again with the help of his thoughts. Researchers created a digital bridge between Oscam’s brain and spinal cord, with the help of which all injured parts were bypassed and singles were delivered directly to the spinal cord.

Gregoire Courtine, a neuroscientist who was part of the team of researchers, said that they were able to restore communication in Gert-Jan Oscum through a digital bridge that turns thoughts into action. For this, a part of Oscum’s brain was implanted which normally controls the muscles of the legs. This implant understands the person’s thoughts and converts it into electrical signals and gives signals to the spinal cord to activate the muscles of the legs. With the help of brain-spine interface, a person can control his legs and then give signals to them for walking, climbing etc. In this whole process, a chip is placed on the person’s head, which transmits signals to the spinal cord through a device and a digital bridge is created, with the help of which the person can perform actions.

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