According to Chanakya policy, if you fight with these 4 people then no one will be able to save you…!


Chanakya was a brilliant economist, philosopher, diplomat and politically astute. He brought many changes in the society with his policies. Although the principles of Chanakya are a bit difficult, but by following them you can get rid of every problem in life and climb the stairs of success.

Chanakya has told some important things for the benefit of mankind through his Chanakya policy. According to Chanakya not everyone can achieve success in life. When a difficult situation comes, many people leave their goal in the middle, fearing the difficulties and running away. Chanakya says that such people do not succeed in life.

According to Sanakya Niti, an intelligent person has full knowledge of his good and bad. He will work hard to achieve his goals. But many times he commits some mistakes without understanding. One of them is bumping into the wrong people. He will regret this for the rest of his life.

Family members
Chanakya has said in his Chanakya Niti that you should never argue with your family members. When you face bad times or need any help, no one will help you except your family members. Chanakya also says that no one can remain happy by fighting with his near and dear ones.

Chanakya says that if a fool
Never fight with such a person who has less intelligence or his mind does not work like others. Arguing or fighting with such people will be a waste of your time. A fool will not listen to anyone and will pretend that what he is saying is right. That’s why always stay away from such people.

chanakya niti : never fight with these people in your life in tamil

great friend
Friends are the only support in life’s happiness and sorrow. He knows all kinds of secrets about you. In such a situation, if you argue with your friend, then he can use your secret against you. So Chanakya says that you should avoid fighting with your friend. Even if you are angry with a friend, you should avoid arguing. Chanakya also says that losing a friend is like losing a partner on whom you trust blindly.

every teacher
The role of Guru is very important in one’s life. Guru is the one who leads us from darkness to light and removes ignorance in our mind and fills us with the light of knowledge. Guru is the one who always gives right guidance and leads towards the goal. Proper knowledge can never be obtained without a Guru. Chanakya says that in such a situation, if you unnecessarily argue with your guru, it will affect your future badly.

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