To make the year 2023 auspicious, look at the picture of Lord Krishna killing the snake every day and worship him. Chant the mantra ‘ૐ नमो: भगवते वासुदेवाय नमः’ in worship and also chant its seed mantra. By doing this you will get rid of all the side effects of the new year.

Do this after worshiping Kaal Bhairav

To make New Year 2023 auspicious and avoid the inauspicious effects of Ketu, worship Bhairavji and offer him rice on a banana leaf and recite Shri Bhairav ​​Chalisa. Along with this, worship the cobra idol by circumambulating the Peepala tree. By doing this, Ketu proves beneficial in peace and also brings happiness and prosperity in life.

This remedy gives good benefits in life

To make the new year 2023 auspicious, on the first day of the new year, feed sweet bread to the dogs under the Peepal tree. Also worship Lord Ganesha daily and offer 21 Durvasas. Recite Ganesha Dwadash Stotra after worship, by doing this Ketu remains calm and new avenues of progress open in life.

Donate these items on the first day of the year

To make the new year auspicious and beneficial, it is considered very auspicious to donate lemon, knife, dry mango powder, jaggery, sesame seeds, etc., blankets, warm clothes etc. Along with this, serving and meditating on the elders of the house also gives auspicious effect of Ketu.