According to researchers skin cancer risk from outdoor jobs


LONDON: You need to be more careful if your job is to run outside instead of sitting in the office. A new research has revealed that there is a risk of developing non-melanoma skin cancer during different types of outdoor occupations. According to researchers, one of the main factors of non-melanoma skin cancer is ultraviolet (ultraviolet) radiation from the sun. It is a common cancer occurring worldwide.

It has been identified as a non-melanoma skin cancer. In many countries, it is an occupational disease among outside workers. However, outside businesses are associated with a variety of daily activities and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.


The research has been published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. This included 563 participants (47 per cent women), of which 348 were outdoor workers (39 per cent farmers, 35 per cent gardeners, 26 per cent mountain guides) and 215 were indoor workers.

It found that non-melanoma skin cancer was found in 33.3 percent of mountain guides, 27.4 percent of farmers, 19.5 percent of garden gardeners and 5.6 percent of home workers. The researchers said that even among outdoor workers, the highest risk was seen in mountain guides.


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