According to Vastu these 7 trees are to be planted in the courtyard of the house


People plant trees in the courtyard of the house for beauty and clean environment. But very few people know that the connection of these plants is also with our Navagrahas. If the right plants are planted in the courtyard according to Vastu, then the condition of our bad planets gets improved and happiness, peace and prosperity come in the house. So let’s know what are the benefits of planting which plant in the house.

Tulsi: You will find a Tulsi plant in almost every house. Keeping this plant in the middle of the courtyard of the house is beneficial. Those people whose house of Venus is weak in their horoscope, they should put a lamp of ghee to Tulsi Mata every morning and evening.

Shami: The connection of this tree is with the house of Shani. It is auspicious to place it on the left side of the main door of the house. If you put a mustard oil lamp near this tree every day, then the blessings of Lord Shani will always remain on you and the work you start will not deteriorate.

Banana tree: Planting a banana tree at the back of the house removes the obstacles in marriage and at the same time there are no fights in the family and happiness remains peaceful. The ripe banana tree is the form of the god Jupiter, so worshiping it is beneficial to please Lord Vishnu.


Pomegranate: By planting pomegranate tree in the house, one gets rid of the ill effects of Rahu Ketu. Dip pomegranate flower in honey and offer it to Shiva ji every Monday, all the troubles of your life will be removed.

Peepal: Peepal tree has connections with the planets Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter. By regularly offering water and worshiping this tree, there are no diseases and also children get happiness. A huge peepal tree can damage the foundation of the house, so it is planted in the form of bonsai in the back of the house.

Hari Singar: This plant is related to the Moon house. By applying it in the middle of the house or in the back part of the house, prosperity remains in the house and there are chances of getting wealth.

Gudhal: Its connection is with the Sun and Mars. Offering its red flowers to Hanuman ji brings fame and fame in life. It can be installed anywhere in the house.


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