Adani’s entry…?!: Global Jamnagar will get another peacock…!



After the unbeaten success of the private port Mundra on the banks of Kutch, now Adani is eyeing Saarashtra’s coast: Jamnagar has the longest coastline in Saurashtra : Jamnagar has been a global business hub for decades : The prospects of Adani Port Part-2 on Jamnagar’s coast have been widely discussed for the past three months : The last three months in Jamnagar The information is circulating in the city that two top class meetings have been held in a month

[Deepak Thummar]

Jamnagar, popularly known as Brasscity, has been doing global business for decades, with the operation of two world-renowned refineries on the coast of Jamnagar, the movement of oil tankers at a global level, and the Adani Group’s success in the private port business in Mundra, Kutch, now the whole of Gujarat. It is known from highly reliable sources that his eyes are currently on Saurashtra and especially on the Sagarkantha of Jamnagar to achieve the coast.

There has been a discussion in Jamnagar since last Diwali that after Ambani’s Reliance Refinery and the famous Nayara Company of the Russian government, now another peacock named Adani is going to be added to the global image of Jamnagar, however, there is no official announcement about this yet. It has not been done by the Adani group on any platform, but according to the discussion going on in the circles and among certain knowledgeable people of the city, Gauttam Adani is said to have liked the Sagarkanth of Jamnagar. Sources say that it is aspiring to become a major hub in the global business of imports in the future.

Sources have been discussing for the past few days that some of the recent Prime Minister’s visit to Jamnagar is said to be related to Adani’s possible entry into Jamnagar, and it is also known that the land along the coast of Jamnagar was owned by the state in the past. Gautam Adani has settled on one of the large and open lands and the land touching the sea water, besides this, according to another circle, after the last visit of the Prime Minister to Jamnagar, Adani has made a deal in Jamnagar for a huge land estimated to be worth 2700 to 2900 crores on the coast of Jamnagar. But there is a wide discussion, however, despite a lot of scrutiny, nothing has been recorded on record regarding this yet, but the kind of circles in the city in which all these discussions have started and are progressing shows that Ambani’s darling Jamnagar is the next. Adani is also likely to become a favorite in time.

Three important stops on Adani’s journey…

Gautam Adani, the head of the Adani Group, is a successful businessman and has been a force to be reckoned with in any party’s government in expanding his empire, as far back as 1985. The Adani Group took full advantage when Rajiv Gandhi’s government implemented a new import policy, followed by the 1991-92 era of shrewd Prime Minister P.V. Narasimharao and his Finance Minister Dr. Even when the entire country’s economy was opened up with the spectacular keys of liberalization and globalization and privatization during Manmohan Singh’s tenure, the Adani group took a big leap in its business, then even during the Modi government’s rule in Gujarat, Gautam Adani’s business empire grew by leaps and bounds, and is growing.

The business policy of Adani group is that before starting any project, they go ahead with their project after bidding with tender procedures, be it mine, airport or infrastructure or any other… Many people promote that. Gautam Adani has clearly told the critics that the current Prime Minister is backing the Adani group, that Gujarat is an investor friendly state, and our group also likes the Prime Minister’s strategy very much.

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