Adult star did not get true love, lots of money was wasted, then hundreds became desperate with one post. Australian adult star


Australia Dating App: Now independent youth are turning towards mobile applications to choose their love and partner. People spend money here, find their partner and spend life with them. But it is not necessary that every time people get love here. Many times people’s money gets wasted here and they can’t even find the right partner.

money spent on dating

Image Credit source: Twitter/ SAVANNAH BOND

Dating App Adult Star: Now the world has become digital and in the era of Android and iOS, many such things are available to you sitting at home. This gives you more than one Service provide and almost all digital Work is done sitting at home. In today’s time, if seen, life partners are also being found online. But it is not necessary that everyone’s luck is perfect and he gets a true life partner, many times we waste both our money and time in search of an online partner and nothing comes to hand. Something similar has happened with an Australian woman who spent lakhs of rupees on dating apps but could not find a suitable partner.

Here we are talking about 32-year-old adult star Savannah Bond, who spent a lot of money on luxury dating to get a rich boyfriend, but could not find her perfect match. He gave this information on the podcast of Onlyfans. She said that I was upset while living alone in my life, so I decided that I would find a partner for myself who would fulfill my every wish.

Waste of money on app

Savannah says that to fulfill this wish, I initially spent $495 (40 thousand) and started looking for the right partner. This dating app was a bit luxury compared to others because only people with lots of money used to come here! After paying the first instalment, when I did not get good offers, I put 1.5 times more money again so that I could get good offers but nothing happened. Only people used to come here to talk and move ahead by using people.

When I complained about this on the mail from the app, I did not get any kind of response. But then she kept trying to get her money back. Meanwhile, he made the status single on his Instagram a few days back and then he started getting lots of offers. But there were many people among them who only wanted to have a relationship with me and nothing else… while I was looking for my partner in them.

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