After all, what is the meaning of OK? Why do everyone say this again and again, this is the reason


OK ka full form OK ka full form kya hota hai? We are going to get all this information in this article that how OK started, what is the full form of OK and what is the short form of OK. The word OK is the most spoken word in the world, OK is used by almost everyone in everything. Everyone says beautiful words in different ways for different meanings.

Ok is such a word in English that every person in the world uses, whether literate or illiterate, but that person will definitely use the word OK in his conversation, but very few people know what the full form of the word ok is. Is. And exactly when. And how did this word originate. What is the full form of OK is given below in this article.

OK is an English word which means everything is fine in Hindi. We use OK for OK. OK word is a famous word that is used by everyone in the world. It is said that the word OK is an abbreviation of the word All Right. form, although All Right is shortened to AC but it is called OK.

But this word became so popular in the world that everyone started using Ok in their conversation. But some people believe that Ole Kurek is just a short form of OK. Ok has become very popular these days. It is okay to just type K while chatting on any WhatsApp or Facebook. Ok is called the short form of many other words, it is considered the short form of many words, the full form of OK, many people consider OK as well. According to some the full form of OK is

OK is an American joke, which is currently very popular all over the world. The origin of the word OK is from America. The word OK was first used in the United States Green Office on March 23, 1839. All the correct words were pronounced wrong. But the term became very popular throughout the United States. american man who spoke the first fixed word

His name was Charles Gordon. The word OK in Hindi means everything is fine, it is often used when people talk to each other that everything is fine. Where and how is the word OK used? Do you know that the word OK Where and how is the experiment done, if you want to know about someone’s well-being, then you ask them that everything is fine, otherwise you ask them that everything is fine. Or you are asking someone that everything is going well. If there is then people say everything is fine, we use the word fine in our work, the word fine means everything is fine.

In the same TV remote, OK is written, which means to approve or agree, to do something in computer, we have to fill a form or do something or to do something in mobile, the word OK is also given in it. Which means acceptance or consent. What is the full form of OK OK What is OK The word originated from America and now it has become the most spoken word in the whole world even an illiterate person definitely uses the word OK You may or may not know anything about English, but you know the meaning of OK. In this article, we have tried to give you complete information about the full form of OK. Do it by commenting.

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