After all, why is the IMEI number given in the mobile? Know its work today..


Desk : Do you know what is IMEI? If not then today’s article is for you. This number is very important whenever you change phones. At the same time, IMEI number is considered very important for any phone. Without it the phone is useless. It often seems like none of us know anything about high-tech code. Whereas, it is very important to know about it. So let us tell you what is IMEI number and it can help you.

What is IMEI number and how does it help you IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identification. This is a unique number to identify the device on the mobile network. It has 15 marks. This number comes in handy when your handset is lost or stolen. Through this you can also file a complaint. You can rest assured that whoever stole your phone won’t be able to use it. Your mobile network operator may refuse to list a device based on its IMEI number. This means you cannot make phone calls or do other things.

How to check IMEI on your Android phone: The easiest way to check IMEI number on Android phone is by dialing *#06#. The number displayed on your screen as soon as you dial it will be the IMEI number. If the phone is dual sim then you will see two IMEI numbers.

Here’s how to check IMEI number from Settings

  • First go to the Settings app.
  • After this you have to go to About Phone.
  • Then scroll down and you will see IMEI. From here you can see the IMEI number.

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