After drinking tea this 1 mistake can be heavy on you


Kolkata : Who does not like to drink tea? Some people’s morning is not complete without tea. In such a situation, there are many people who are in a hurry after drinking tea and then go to bath. Whereas, it can be harmful to our body. Actually, after drinking tea, our body remains very hot and water is cold. In such a situation, both of them react together and can be harmful for the body. How, know about this in detail.

temperature gap

Immediately after drinking tea, the temperature of our body increases. When we go to bathe, the water is cold. In such a situation, when two different temperatures meet, they react with each other and this reaction can make you sick. It can also cause runny nose and allergies.

may have fever

When our body reacts to water due to heat, we may get fever. Because, the temperature of the water is low and the body is hot due to which your body is not able to balance itself. Apart from this, different symptoms can be seen in different people.

Cold-hot is that condition of the body in which a person becomes a victim of cold in summer. So, if you go to bath immediately after drinking tea, then you can become a victim of cold and heat. That’s why you should improve this habit of yours. That’s why one should go to bath at least 30 minutes after drinking tea.

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