After how many days, the soul gets another body, Very Shocking thing to know


The soul also leaves one body and goes to another body. Except one body, receiving another body does not mean body, it depends. According to your deeds and the gift of nature. After death, the soul cannot enter any body. Destiny decides him to enter a body. After the death, how long the soul of man will wander, it has been written in the Vedas of our Hindu religion. Whenever someone dies. Then they do not easily get another body.

Spirits have to wander a lot for another body. Many souls get another body within 3 days. And many souls get another body in 10 to 13 days. Many times someone dies prematurely. In such a situation, his soul does not enter into any body quickly. In such a situation, it takes 37 to 40 days .

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  barsi in Hindu religion.

This is the reason for the anniversary/ Barsi. Because many times the soul does not get the body quickly. And that soul goes into the haunts. With the anniversary, they get another body back.

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