After humans , Corona are spreading in animals too , 8 Asiatic lions has symptoms of corona


In the second wave of corona in India, more than 20 million people have been infected so far. Meanwhile, a big news is now meeting humans after animals. It is reported that the symptoms of corona are now showing in animals too. In Hyderabad, Nehru Zoological Park has seen signs of corona in the lions. After which once again there is an outcry.

According to media reports, on 29 April, the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) conducted a corona test of eight Asiatic lions at Nehru Zoological Park. In which the officials said that on April 29, 8 lions were found positive in the RT PCR test. But it has not been officially confirmed yet.
On the other hand, the director of the park gave information that the lions have signs of corona solution. After which the doctor has said that it is true that the lions have seen symptoms of corona. But we are yet to get RT PCR report from CCMB of these lions.

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Only after the report will be completely clear that after receiving reports of corona symptoms in the lions, its information will be shared. NZP officials did the test.

This team decided to do the Corona Test of the Lions then. When they saw mild symptoms in lions. Veterinarians observed corona virus-like symptoms in lions. In which the lions were tested after seeing these symptoms, feeling less hungry, watery nose and cough. 12 lions were tested at the park. Out of which eight are reported to have mild symptoms.


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