After ruining Hong Kong’s economy, Carrie Lam is now calling it a threat to national security


It seems that Carrie Lam, who tortured the general public in the name of security law in Hong Kong, will only destroy this city. A few days ago, after supporting Senzen to become an “economic hub” on the lines of Hong Kong, he has now turned the entire city into a villain, calling it a threat to national security. .

According to the SCMP report , Hong Kong CEO Carrie Lam says that Hong Kong is a “major concern” in China’s national security, a threat to national security. He said in his annual policy speech that the challenge of the city is to restore the constitutional system and protect the political system from chaos. She says it is Hong Kong’s responsibility to protect national security.

Here, they are calling for a security threat to Hong Kong and the people who are demanding democracy there. Regarding the supporters of democracy, he said that pro-independence groups have “challenged the authority of the central government and the government of the HKSAR [Hong Kong Special Administrative Region].” They pleaded for external forces to interfere in Hong Kong’s affairs and even begged for sanctions against Hong Kong. “

Declaring Hong Kong and its residents to be villain in such a way as to defend the atrocities committed by their government and Beijing shows how Carrie Lam is molesting Xi Jinping.


He says that since 1997, the Hong Kong government has failed to enforce Article 23, which required the city to bring in national security legislation for itself. Lam also says that peace has been restored in Hong Kong since the National Security Act came into force on June 30. How much peace has been restored is not hidden from anyone and the entire world has witnessed the atrocities on people.

Previously, Carrie Lam herself appeared to be making all efforts to develop the “Shenzen” city of Mainland China as the next “Hong Kong” by ending Hong Kong’s economic influence at the behest of the CCP. This will not only ruin Hong Kong’s economy, but its relevance will also decrease.

Hong Kong’s economy has suffered major losses due to demonstrations by supporters of democracy last year and Corona this year . In the second quarter of this year alone, Hong Kong recorded a negative growth rate of 9 percent in GDP. Not only this, the economy of Hong Kong is now under threat of increasing debt of the private sector. By the end of March, the private sector Debt Service Ratio had reached a record-breaking 29.8 percent this year. About a decade ago, this ratio was 16.5 percent, half of what it is today.

It is clear from the Chinese Communist Party’s gestures that it wants to develop the nearby city of Shenzen as a large economic center amid the sinking economy of Hong Kong. The risk of a slowdown in Hong Kong’s economy has increased due to rising debt over the past three years. In such a situation, CEO Carrie Lam is more concerned about the city of Shenzen , which shows that Hong Kong’s economy is not a priority for him at all! Xi Jinping wants to make this city the biggest center of modern technology in China amidst the “difficult conditions”, with Carrie Lam supporting him immensely. Prior to this, Carrie Lam has also openly supported China’s oppressive national security law.

Carrie Lam is a different type of leader who hides behind Xi Jinping’s tyranny with the ability to carry out his sinister plans. She is the world’s most dangerous dictator who does not allow her image to be revealed. Not to be surprised if Carrie Lam will be known as “the woman who destroys Hong Kong” in the coming times.

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