After Twitter Meta, now Amazon will lay off, more than 18 thousand people will be employed. Amazon LayOff Company Plan to Sack


Amazon LayOff: Last year, Twitter and Meta fired thousands of people out of the company, showing them the way out, and as the new year approaches, news is now coming out that this year Amazon may lay off more than 18,000 people.

Information related to Amazon Layoff came to the fore

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Amazon LayOff: After big companies like microblogging platforms Twitter and Meta, now e-commerce company Amazon is also preparing to show thousands of employees the way out of the company. In the recently revealed Wall Street Journal report, it has been informed that now the biggest layoffs can be seen in Amazon, the company is preparing to fire more than 18 thousand employees.

This figure is much higher than the figure revealed last time, remind that some time ago in a New York Times report, it was told that the company can sack 10,000 employees. But this time the figure that has come out is quite shocking, 18,000 employees losing their jobs means that the company is planning to cut 70 percent of the jobs.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, some additional layoffs will also be done in which people from Amazon corporate ranks will be involved. It is being said that if the information received from the report proves to be correct, then it will be the biggest layoff in any e-commerce company so far.

Remind that Amgen has started the process of retrenchment since November itself, when the matter of 10,000 employees losing their jobs came to the fore. In November, the company laid off some staff from its device division, after which a source told Reuters that the company was planning to lay off 10,000 employees.

This could be the reason for layoff

It has also been learned from the report that during Covid 19, the company had recruited a large number of people and hired them and now the company is finding its decision to be heavy. It is being said that it may be because of this that the company can take such a big decision. Remind that Meta had also shown the way out by sacking more than 11 thousand people last year.

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