AI robot became a criminal before becoming a lawyer, accused


The world’s first robot lawyer equipped with artificial intelligence has himself become a criminal before appearing in court as a lawyer. He is accused of practicing law without a law degree and without registration and license. Let us tell you that a few months ago, US-based startup DoNotPay introduced the world’s first robot lawyer based on AI technology.

The startup claimed that this robot lawyer would do legal advocacy in cases related to over speeding. Lawyer-turned-criminal robot will now face trial in US court. Chicago-based law firm Adelson filed a lawsuit against the robot attorney in California Superior Court on March 3. The law firm alleged that the robot neither holds a law degree, nor a license, nor does it belong to any regulatory body. In such a situation, he cannot be allowed to practice.

The case is filed by Jonathan Faridia on behalf of the law firm Adelson. In his complaint, Faridian has alleged that he had obtained a legal document from the said lawyer who was able to provide it to him but it was of very ‘substandard’ quality.

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