Ajab Gazab: This is the world’s most stinky fruit, looks like jackfruit and is no less than Sanjeevani in properties. Dur


world’s smelliest fruit

As such, trees and plants are very important in the life of us humans, because where trees and plants give us clean air, then the fruits obtained from them keep us healthy. There are many such people in this world who are fruit lovers and they have amazing talent that they can tell just by the smell of the fruit that how ripe it is and how it will taste. But do you know that there is one in the world which is not known for its fragrance but for its stench. Because of this quality, this fruit is banned in many countries of the world.

Here we are talking about the famous fruit durian which looks exactly like a jackfruit but is completely yellow and soft from inside. This fruit is very common in South-East Asia and is easily available everywhere. But the smell of this fruit is like a dirty sock. Apart from this, thorns are also found in this fruit, which if accidentally pricked the eater can get injured.

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This fruit is stinky but very effective

For your information, let us tell you that this fruit is known for its distinct taste and nutritional value. Despite being so stinky, the leaves and bark of this fruit are used to make medicine. According to scientists, it contains vitamin-C, folic acid, vitamin-B6 and vitamin-A, which are very beneficial for us humans.

Durian’s smell is so strong and bad that it is often kept separately in glass boxes in fruit shops. Recently, after research on this, it was found that the reason for the bad smell in these fruits is 44 different types of chemical compounds present in it. Because of all these, smell comes from it. You will be surprised to know that there are three such chemical compounds present in it which have been found in a natural substance for the first time.

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