Ajan will no longer be heard in Ramadan, Saudi Arabia has banned the use of loudspeakers


In many states of India, the issue of installing loudspeakers on mosques is always in discussion. Last year, this issue was mainly discussed. Hindu organizations have started a movement to remove unauthorized mosques from mosques across the country. While the political debate on this issue has intensified in India, on the other hand, Saudi Arabia, a Muslim-majority country, has banned the use of loudspeakers during prayers. The government has issued guidelines for the month of Ramadan.

The month of Ramzan will start from 23rd March. Before Ramadan, the Islamic Ministry of Saudi Arabian Government has issued a guideline. It has banned recitation of prayers through loudspeakers and Iftar parties in mosques during Ramzan. The Saudi government has issued 10 guidelines in this regard. It also prohibits asking for charity during Ramzan.

What’s in the new instructions?

  • Loudspeaker cannot be used while reciting Namaz.
  • Prohibition on asking for donations and donations during Ramzan.
  • Do not eat food inside the mosque during Ramzan. The feast can be served in the outdoor area. The planning of this feast will be in the hands of the presiding imams.
  • An Imam will be present in the mosque throughout the month of Ramadan. They can take leave if needed.
  • The Imam will end the prayer on time. So that others can get the right time.
  • Prohibition on children offering namaz in mosques.
  • Permission has to be taken in the mosque to live in seclusion from the world in the month of I’tikaf i.e. Ramadan.

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