Alert : These are the Symptoms of corona in children , Read and Know how to protect them


The second wave of corona virus has wreaked havoc in the country. Meanwhile, in the number of lakhs of people got infected, thousands of people lost their lives. The scene of the destruction caused by the corona infection was such that seeing everyone’s soul trembled. According to experts related to the health department, this time Corona targeted the youth the most.

There came a time when the health infrastructure of the country also appeared to be dying. Although the situation has become almost normal now, the lockdown has also been opened across the country. But the thing to remember is that Corona is not completely gone yet. Doctors scientists have already warned about the third wave of corona.

It is believed that children can suffer the most in the coming wave of corona. In such a situation, it is very important to understand how to keep children safe in the third wave of corona. So let us tell you about some such symptoms, by looking at which it can be understood whether the child is corona infected or not.


These symptoms of corona can be seen in children-

Children over the age of 8 may have a loss of taste or smell
feeling tired
weakness in body
respiratory distress
muscle headache
Not only this, but also multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children.
can appear. This includes neck pain, fever,
red eyes, vomiting or diarrhea, neck pain,
Chapped or red lips, on the extremities
Swelling etc. One should be careful as soon as such symptoms appear in children.

protect like this

If such symptoms are seen in children, then you have to be alerted immediately. In such circumstances, along with the children, other members of the household should also get themselves tested. Along with this, everyone should be isolated in different rooms till the report comes. Children should be kept wearing masks etc.


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