Alexey is Putin’s biggest critic, know the reason

Oscar Award 2023: Alexey is Putin’s biggest critic, know the reason primenews

Oscar Awards 2023: The documentary film on Alexey Navalny, the biggest critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has received the Oscar 2023 Best Documentary Award. During this, Navlini’s wife Yulia Navalnaya has also given an emotional speech from the stage of Oscar. All the people present in the ceremony got emotional after listening to his speech.

After receiving the Oscar, Navalny’s wife Yulia told that her husband was kept in jail only because he spoke the truth. Her husband is getting punished for saving democracy. Yulia asked her husband to stay strong and hoped that one day he would definitely come out.

Putin made a team to poison Navalini (Oscar Award 2023)
Navalini, 46, claims that he has Corruption of President Putin And there is evidence of all the black exploits. Putin has put him in jail for the last two years. Navalini is a lawyer by profession and has been campaigning extensively against corruption in the Russian government. Navalini is a member of Russia’s Opposition Cooperation Council and leader of the Russia of the Future party. By the year 2021, his channel on YouTube had more than six million subscribers.

He is seen as the next President of Russia. In the year 2018, he also contested the presidential election. It has been claimed in the documentary that Putin banned even the name of Navalini in Russia. Even a team was formed to poison them and kill them.

According to media reports, in August 2020, Navalini was given Novichok, the most dangerous poison in Serbia, due to which he went into a coma. His team took him to Germany for treatment. From here he was sent back to Russia. As soon as he returned to Moscow on 17 January 2021, he was immediately arrested on the orders of President Putin.

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