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New Delhi: Anchor Alyssa Carson fainted on air while reporting live on TV. The video of this dreadful incident is becoming quite viral in the social media. It can be seen in the video that anchor Alyssa Carson Shewortz was preparing to give weather information at 7 am on Saturday. Then suddenly she faints and falls very fast on the floor.

After this, the two anchors doing the program with him get nervous and this nervousness is clearly visible on their faces. After this incident, she takes a break. The video of anchor’s fall during live is becoming quite viral on social media.

Meteorologist fainted in the studio

Alyssa Carson is talking to her associate anchors in the news channel CBS in America. Before giving the weather report, this same Elisa’s eyes suddenly start closing. She could understand what is happening to her, she slowly starts losing her body balance and suddenly her head hits the bench kept in the studio and after that she falls down.

Although the two associate anchors sitting with him on live TV do not pay attention to this at first. After this, an anchor Nishel Medina takes her name and says that Alyssa, this is really the calm before the storm.

had to take a break during live

However, after a few seconds, anchor Kim says oh seeing Alyssa wriggling on the chair and tries to see Alyssa in the studio. Medina then immediately addresses the audience, saying, “You know we’re going to move on, but we’re taking a break right now.” Kim agrees while replying. However, after the break, the live segment is not played in the show and instead a pre-recorded segment is aired.”

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Alyssa gave an update on Facebook

A few hours later, after fainting during the live show, Alyssa updated her health on Facebook saying that she is recovering. Significantly, in the year 2014, Alyssa was working in another channel. Even then a similar incident had happened with him during the live show. However, the reason for his fainting is yet to be known.

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