Aluminum is dangerous for memory

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The use of food items like bread, cheese, cocoa, canned pickles etc. is becoming more and more nowadays. The aluminum particles present in them have a lethal effect.
A team of researchers from Kolkata says that when aluminum reaches inside the body in large quantities, it not only leads to loss of memory power, but due to its effect, bones start crooked. It can even stop the growth of brain cells completely after the age of about forty.
according to researchers
Amount of material aluminum (in one gram)
Baking Powder 23000 mcg
(major ingredient of bread)
Paneer (natural) 15.60 micrograms
Cocoa 45.00 µg
An overdose of aluminum affects various parts of the body. First it starts to accumulate in the spleen. After this, it is deposited in the kidney (kidney), brain (brain), liver (liver) and bones respectively.
According to the New England Journal of Medicine, due to the accumulation of aluminum in the kidney, it is unable to perform its main function properly, controlling the amount of phosphate in the body.
Experiments on rats have proved that calcium helps to control aluminum to a great extent. More research is being done on this, which is expected to reveal some more new facts in the near future.
Diet is always better than cure, so let’s focus on the following.
As far as possible, do not use aluminum utensils for cooking.
If aluminum utensils are to be used, then do not keep acidic substances like lemon juice, tomato chutney etc.
Avoid using packaged processed foods that contain preservatives.
Do not use aluminum gel antacids.
Avoiding aluminum is very important for pregnant women, elderly people, drinkers or those who take calcium in small amounts every day.
If there is a slight decrease in the proper development of the brain or bones, any symptoms of osteoporosis or memory loss appear, then without delay, contact the specialists immediately.
– Pankaj Kumar Pankaj

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