Always Keep These Things In Your Worship Place, All Your Worries Will Be Gone!


In Hinduism, worshiping is of special importance. Along with this, some things which are used in worship have been considered extremely auspicious. It is said that by keeping these things in the house of worship, positive energy is maintained. Apart from this, the paths of your happiness and prosperity are opened. Keeping these things in the house of worship increases happiness, prosperity and wealth.

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Keep these things in the house of worship

  1. It is very auspicious to have a conch in the house of worship. During the Samudra Manthan, a conch was also taken out with Goddess Lakshmi. It is best to perform Shankhanad after worship. This brings happiness and prosperity and wealth in the house.
  2.  Shaligram is the form of Lord Shri Vishnu. Lord Shree Vishnu is pleased by worshiping him. The God of Shaligram is worshiped with basil leaves. This leads to prosperity and prosperity in the house.
  3.  The sound of the bell carries positive energy. The houses that are said to have regular bell sounds echo. Positivity remains there and negativity powers go away.
  4.  According to Vastu Shastra, Morpankh is considered auspicious. Peacock feathers are also placed in the crown of Lord Shri Krishna. Peacock feathers bring in wealth. Apart from this, there is happiness and peace in the house.
  5.  Worship of any deity or any ritual. Ganga water has special importance in it. Maa Lakshmi is delighted to keep Ganga water in brass and silverware.


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