Amazing amazing! Girl sitting in love with airplane, wants to make unique ‘lover’ as ‘husband’. 23 Yea


A 23-year-old girl has fallen in love with a toy aeroplane. The girl says that she is in a relationship with him. Not only this, she also wants to marry him.

Sarah, 23, has fallen in love with airplanes

Image Credit source: Instagram/@sarah_b737_lover

Girl In Relationship With A PLANE: This world is also full of strange people. Some have lost their heart on ‘Gudiya’, and some on ‘Balloon’. Not only this, he also wants to make her his wife. Now a 23-year-old girl is in headlines for her strange choice. to this girl Airplane Se Bepanah Ishq It is done. Says that there are about 60 toy models of airplanes in her house, with which she has physical relations. The girl’s passion for the unique ‘lover’ is such that she sleeps with him and eats and drinks. In other words, the girl spends most of her time with the replica of the plane.

The 23-year-old girl has been identified as Sarah Rodo, a resident of Dortmund, Germany. Although Sara likes to be with the plane, but her attachment to Boeing-737 is more. She loves every aspect of it. He likes to see the face, engine and wings of the Boeing plane. Sara tells that she has traveled many times in this plane just to hear its sound.

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This is how she spends quality time with her lover

Sara, who disclosed the intimate relationship with the plane, says that she traveled abroad 30 times in the last one year to spend quality time with her ‘boyfriend’ (Boeing-747). Please tell that after failing to date humans, Sara started searching for her love in the aeroplane. Sara has three big models of the plane. She has so far spent about three and a half lakh rupees on 60 replicas.


Sara has three big models of the plane. Image Source: Instagram/@sarah_b737_lover

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Shares bed with plane

According to the report of DailyMail, Sarah is identified as an object sexual. Such people are sexually attracted to inanimate objects. In such a situation, Sara got attached to the plane. She fondly calls her toy plane Dicki. Not only this, she also shares her bed with him. Sara has also got five tattoos of the plane on her body. Along with this, she says that she wants to make him her life partner.

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