Unbelievable things that happened only in India


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Today we bring some amazing and shocking things only happened in India, Let’s see

4. Bull surfing:

Let me tell you that bull surfing is a harvest sport race that takes place in the village of Anandapally, in southern Kerala, during the post-harvest season.

3. 16 adornments of a married woman:


Women who are getting married use their 16 adornments, called Sola Shringar. Among these are the Bindi, the colored dot placed on the middle of the forehead & the Nath or nose piercing.

2. The tallest statue in the world:

We all know that India holds the record for possessing the world’s largest statue that stands at a height of 182 m & is known as the ‘statue of unity’. The statue represents the Indian independence movement leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

1. Wedding rings on the feet:

In Tamil Nadu, the wedding ring is placed on the ‘index’ toe of the foot. The 2 silver rings, placed by the groom on the feet of his beloved, would be able, according to tradition, to inspire a healthy pregnancy. Now what do you say about this article guys?


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