Amazing & Unknown historical facts about Maharana Pratap

Considering a responsibility to Mewar, even as a child, Pratap worked hard in martial arts and weaponry.

Not being Uday Singh’s favorite son, his younger brother Jagamal was elected as the successor to the Mewar Throne.

Despite the wishes of the dying king, senior officers of the Mewar court chose Pratap as a legitimate successor and crowned him as king.

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Amazing & Unknown historical facts about Maharana Pratap

Historical records show that Maharana Pratap was about 7 feet, 5 inches long, and when we used to wear armor of war, he weighed more than 180 kilograms.

Once Amar Singh brought some Muslim women as hostage after the battle. Maharana Pratap rebuked his son to do this. The women were released and they were sent home with respect.

Amazing & Unknown historical facts about Maharana Pratap

Throughout his lifetime he used guerrilla tactics to carry out the flag of freedom which would fly on large areas of Mewar as well as advance the enemy forces.

Rana Pratap rejected many proposals of defeat. He vowed never to accept the supremacy of the Mughals and the Emperor Akbar.

Amazing & Unknown historical facts about Maharana Pratap

Under the leadership of Maharana Pratap on June 18, 1576 Rajput armies tried to defend Chittor and fought a very brave battle in Haldighati. An army of 22,000 Rajput warriors was able to hold 2 lakh strong Mughal forces on the battlefield.

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