America again shaken by firing, one killed, one injured in Miami Beach firing. United States One person was killed while one pe


Firing in America: The incident of firing has become common in America. Such incidents are happening here on a daily basis. This gun culture is rampant. It has become difficult to control it.

Firing again in America

Image Credit source: AP

Shooting in America: America Once again the incident of firing has come to the fore. Here Miami Beach One person was killed, while one person was injured in the firing in Miami Beach area. The news agency AP has given this information quoting the police. Please tell that Miami Beach is a crowded area.

Miami Beach Police tweeted that two people were shot on Friday night. One died while one was injured in this incident. A suspect has been taken into custody in this case. However, it is not clear whether the person caught was the shooter or not. The police also said that they have recovered three guns.

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firing again in america

The incident of firing is not stopping in America

Even after the enactment of gun control law, the incident of shooting in America is not stopping. Such incidents have become common in the world’s most powerful country. There is no guarantee as to when who will shoot whom. In the recent past, there has been a further increase in these incidents. Almost every month one or two incidents of firing definitely come to the fore.

Last month, six people were killed in a shooting incident in Tate County, Mississippi, USA. In February itself, there were 3 incidents of firing within 12 hours. Two students were killed, while a teacher was injured in the firing incident at Des Moines school in America.

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