Amla which make your face fair and beautiful


Tezzbuzz:- By the way, you all must know that Amla is very important and beneficial for our skin, for our hair, for our eyes, for our health, but you all have many other benefits of Amla, which you need to know more. It is necessary for you, but due to many gurus, it also works as a medicine, but in this article, how amla is beneficial for your skin.

Talking about this, friends, read this entire article from beginning to end so that you can know about the amazing and incredible benefits of gooseberry. Let us know how to use gooseberry if it proves beneficial for your skin. If you want your skin to become fair and shiny, then for this you have to mix 2 tablespoons of gooseberry juice with about one teaspoon of honey and grind papaya in it. Mix these three mixtures well and apply this paste on your face with very light hands. Apply it on your face and remove it a little before it dries, it will make your face naturally fair and glowing.

For this, you should use it regularly, even if your skin is oily, Amla can help you a lot. Oily skin increases pimple problems and if you want to cure it naturally, then use Amla in this way. Make two tablespoons of amla powder and mix rose water in it and apply that paste on your face, it will reduce the amount of oil in your skin and pimple problems will end.

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