An eccentric ruler of history who loved long soldiers, know the dark truth of the king’s regiment

There is no dearth of rulers in history who had a strange craze. There were many kings who were famous because of their whims. One of these was the king of the kingdom of Prasha which was merged in Germany in 1932. The name of this king was King Frederick William I of Prussia, who had a craze to include long soldiers in his regiment. And the surprising thing is that the ruler of Prasha was not even an inch interested in the fight, but it was just one of his hobbies. There was a time when Prasha’s army was limited to only 38,000 soldiers, but due to Raja’s hobby, this number increased to 83,000 soldiers. However, the public had no grief at all under the king’s rule. His image was of a very fair and kind king before the public. But due to his strange hobby, he was very popular in the areas around Prasha.

The king had only one condition to be admitted in the regiment

The official name of Frederick William’s regiment was The Grand Grenadiers of Potsdam. But he was known as Potsdam Giants or The Long Guys (Long Guys). There was only a small condition to include the king’s soldiers in the regiment. The condition was that the length of the bus should be more than six feet. Due to this condition in Frederick’s regiment, thousands of people of Europe were joined in this army. The tallest person in his army was 7 feet and 1 inch tall. The name of that soldier of Ireland origin was James Kirkland.

The longer the length, the thicker the salary

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The extent of the craze was exceeded when the king started paying salaries to soldiers on the basis of length. The greater the length of the soldiers, the thicker their salaries were. The long soldiers had plenty of fun in the king’s regiment. He was also very well received. He was also well received. He used to live in a very beautiful place. Grand accommodations were made for his stay in which he was served delicious dishes. Along with this, their uniforms were also made in a special way so that they looked longer. The Potsdam Giants had a blue uniform and a grenadier cap. The grenadier cap had a length of 45 cm which made it look longer.

The dark truth of Frederick’s regiment!

Even though the soldiers of Frederick’s regiment lived quite comfortably, their life was not as easy as it seemed from a distance. There was also a dark truth behind it. In fact, many people joined the king’s regiment either by kidnapping or buying. From many families, the king used to buy money by giving money to a tall person. The zamindars also handed over their longest worker to Frederick. The rulers of another country also used to do this to please Frederick. Not only this, the king used to entertain his soldiers also. Sometimes when the king was depressed, he would collect 200-300 soldiers and give them instruments and ask them to dance and sing. If he fell ill, the soldiers had to march in his bedroom.

This is a terrible example of the king’s whims

There was another example of an even bigger craze. He had made a special rack. The tall soldiers were drawn in that rack to increase its length. Many soldiers died due to this. This did not stop Frederick, he wanted that the long regiment in Europe should always remain intact. For this, he forced the tall soldiers and tall women of his state to form relationships so that the new breed they breed would be longer. Frederick breathed his last in 1740, after which his son Frederick the Great disbanded this regiment in 1806.

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