Android users are getting scam in the name of corona vaccination, Know how to avoid that


Nowadays, new malware is in the discussion which is defaming Android users in the name of Covid-19 vaccination in India. Security researchers have reported that the new malware, like other harmful software, prompts users to tap on links and download Covid-19 vaccine registration apps that are allegedly fake. Dubbed SMS Warm, the new malware spreads through text messages and steals the contact list from Victim’s device.

Malware researcher Lucas Stefanco first reported an SMS warmup on Twitter, where he claimed that the new Android malware is targeting his users. He also shared some screenshots of how malware spreads through a text message. Once users download the fake free vaccine registration app through the link provided in the message, the phone appears as a vaccine register app and asks for access to the contact list, along with the permission to send and read these text messages. Takes too and gets played after this.

How to activate SMS Warm Malware

Australia-based risk intelligence firm Saibal has further revealed how SMS worm malware operates. According to Sable, the malware performs multiple activities on Victim’s devices, once downloaded, activating unofficial access or banning access to personal accounts and services, using the device for unofficial activity, a user’s mobile device, Can perform tasks such as exposing personal data from an account and removing data from a device or service.


Investigating the source of SMS worm malware, the firm found that similar-looking apps and claims on the Internet can be generated by the same developer.

How to avoid this malware cheating SMS

The best way to avoid getting cheated by such malware is to avoid downloading any app or do not open any website through a link sent from an unverified source.

If you have received a link through a text message from where you can download an app, then avoid doing so. In the case of Android, only download the app from the official App Store and Google Play Store.

Also, check which permission is being sought by the application on your phone.
To protect your data from hackers, use an extra security layer such as two-factor authentication.


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