Another Cryptocurrency Growing Rapidly After Bitcoin, 500% Rise Against Dollar So Far!


Worldwide, the interest of investors about cryptocurrency is increasing. Therefore, the value of all cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Shiba has been steadily increasing. In this episode, the cryptocurrency Ether touched a new high of $ 4,649.03 on Wednesday, May 12, 2021. Due to the increase in the value of digital currencies, the interest of institutions as well as investors has started increasing. Ether is the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization (market cap) after bitcoin. This year it has now risen by more than 500 per cent against the dollar. CME Ethereum Futures Increased Open Interest to $ 54 Million

The reason for such a surge in the value of ether is the increased use of blockchain by cryptocurrency platforms. This helps in lending related to crypto outside the purview of banking institutions. In comparison, bitcoin has gained about 95 percent this year. Analysts at US bank JP Morgan said that the open interest in CME Ethereum Futures has risen to $ 54 million in three months. A similar open interest was created in CME Bitcoin Futures during the year 2017.


Be ready to squander the entire crypto investment ‘

JP Morgan has said that they will become more comfortable with cryptocurrency as Bitcoin futures grow in popularity among institutional investors. This will also increase their interest in Ethereum Futures. However, some experts have also warned about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bank of England chief Andrew Bailey said last week that the crypto had no real value. Their investors should be ready to lose their entire investment. America’s electronic car company Tesla has started accepting bitcoin for payment. Tesla owner Elon Musk has a large investment in Bitcoin.


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