Anuj Kapadia Jumps In Excitement After Anu Rejects Yashdeep’s Proposal; Vanraj Gets Jealous of Anus Fame

Anupamaa Latest Episode: In recent development in the daily soap, Anupamaa slams the reporters who questioned about her past marital affairs. On the other hand, Anuj Kapadia jumps in excitement after knowing that Anu had rejected Yashdeep’s proposal. Read on.

Anupamaa New Update: Anuj Kapadia Jumps In Excitement After Anu Rejects Yashdeep’s Proposal; Vanraj Gets Jealous of Anu’s Fame

Anupamaa New Update: In the latest update of the popular daily soap Anupama countryreporters who visited the Spice and Chutney restaurant tried to tarnish Anu’s personal relationship. However, Anu refrains from answering personal questions regarding her marriage. Later, she gives a fitting reply to the reporters who tried sabotaging her relationship. Scroll down to find more details.

Anupamaa Maturely Handles Journalists

At the start of the episode, reporters and cameramen arrived at the Spice and Chutney restaurant. During the course of the interaction, one of the journalists inquired about the personal matter in Anu’s life. For a brief moment, Anu and Yashdeep were stunned to see that her marital relationship was open for discussion during the interview. However, Anupamaa intelligently handled the situation, she informed the media personnel that she was not open to discussing her past marital affairs on live television. She further slammed the reporter who questioned the equation between her and Baapu Ji.

It is worth noting that Anu, who initially denied talking about her past, she revealed how each one of them had supported her to win the Super Star Chef competition. Anu spoke proudly about Baa and Baapu Ji who supported her throughout the competition. Meanwhile, talking about Anuj Kapadia, she said that he was the one who kept motivating her and made sure that Anu never gave up on the competition. She continues to praise everyone who has supported her to win the cooking show.

Anupamaa’s Equation with Yashdeep

In the previous episode, Yashdeep expressed his affection for Anupamaa. However, it was witnessed that, Anu preferred friendship over love. In the latest episode, Yashdeep for a brief moment felt that things were awkward between him and Anupamaa. Later, she makes it up to Yashdeep.

Anuj Kapadia Over Thinks About Yashdeep’s Proposal

Later in the episode, Anuj Kapadia was anxious to know whether Anumaa had accepted the proposal from Yashdeep. He started creating fake scenarios in his mind dreaming about situations that never occurred in the first place. However, when Anu arrives at Kapadia’s mansion late at night, she notices that Anuj desperately wants to inquire about the proposal scenario. Anupamaa told Anuj that she was looking forward to friendship more than love. As soon as he came to know Anu’s response, he jumped in excitement.

Anupama takes care of Aadhya

Towards the end of the episode, Anupamaa notices that Aadhya is having unbearable menstrual cramps. She rushes to her daughter and tells Choti that, ‘women can overcome the pain’. She consoles her daughter and assures her that she can talk about the situation with Anupamaa. She tells Aadhya that menstruation is a blessing for women to attain motherhood.

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