Arab Muslim Vs Non-Arab Muslim – The Internal War of Islam Has Officially Started


Change is the need of the hour. The Arab countries understand this very well and that is why these countries are taking steps towards progressives, abandoning Islamic fundamentalism. Such non-Arab Muslim countries which are not paying any special attention to progress and development, these Arab countries are now ignoring them. The UAE has temporarily banned the acceptance of visa applications for citizens of 11 countries, including Pakistan . The UAE described it as a step taken by the Corona epidemic. In fact, this decision clearly shows that Arab countries are now abandoning Islamic fundamentalism by adopting a progressive approach compared to non-Arab countries, while non-Arab Muslim countries are now inviting degradation instead of progress, which now makes the whole world A new war has erupted between Arab Muslim countries and non-Arab Muslim countries .

The UAE, a progressive Arab country, has banned visa applications from 11 Muslim countries, including Pakistan. The news of the information here is given Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zahid Hafiz Chowdhury. Significantly, apart from Pakistan, this decision has also been taken for other 11 Muslim countries, including countries like Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan. These are countries which have become Islamic countries after conversion.

If we look at the recent scenario, Organization of Islamic Cooperation ie OIC is also shattering. Not only this, the OIC has also stopped giving importance to bilateral issues, due to which the terrorist agenda of these non-Arab Muslim countries has been reduced . An example of this is the Kashmir issue raised by Pakistan in the OIC.


Apart from the bigotry of non-Arabic countries, now Arab countries are delaying development and progress. The deal between the UAE and Israel is an example of this. The conflict between these two countries was so long that it was said that Arab countries, including Israel and the UAE, could never be united, but this friendship was due to America. Arab countries advocated Palestine, including the UAE. Despite this, the UAE has taken steps to improve its relations with Israel, which shows that these countries have now moved forward by laying mud on old issues. Saudi Arabia is also moving in this direction. There are chances that many other Arab countries will also strengthen ties with Israel.

With this, now these countries are pressuring Pakistan to recognize Israel.

However, non-Arab countries have not liked to litter the Palestine issue by Arab countries, leading many of these countries to criticize the historic peace agreement between Israel and the UAE.

A great example of this is France, where President Macron took action against radical Islam, while countries like Turkey and Pakistan went into protest against President Macron, while countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE were with French President Emmanuel Macron. This shows that Arab countries are now adopting the progressive idea of ​​abandoning fundamentalism, while countries like Turkey and Pakistan are adopting bigotry and digging a hole for themselves, instead of paying attention to development, which between Arab countries and non-Arab countries Is pointing to the beginning of a new war. Arab countries are also watching the movements of these non-Arab countries. That’s why the head of Saudi Arabia’s Chamber of Commerce appealed to boycott Turkey in every way . Along with this, economic pressure is being put on Pakistan. The victory of the Islamic countries of Arabia is visible in this war.

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