Are insects really free from packaged flour? the truth will surprise


New Delhi

Why don’t insects get into the packed flour? In response to this question, an eye-opening truth is being told on WhatsApp. This message is being circulated in a big way. Don’t know whether it has reached you till now or not. In this, it has been claimed that insects do not fall in the packed flour. A chemical has been said to be the reason behind this. Its name is Benzoyl Peroxide. It has been claimed that for this reason the packed flour is protected from spoilage for a long time. This is also the reason for the absence of insects in packed flour. Otherwise, within two months the flour brought after grinding gets infested with insects. It is natural to be like this. Being associated with the people, we also considered it our responsibility to investigate this question. Talked to experts for this. Come, let us know the truth of this viral message here. Do you also know whether insects really do not enter the packaged flour?

Is the message getting circulated?
Many types of claims have been made in the message coming on WhatsApp regarding flour. In this the answer to why insects do not fall in packing flour has been given. It has been said in the message that the truth will open the eyes. According to the message, try an experiment. Try grinding wheat flour and storing it for 2 months. It is natural for worms to fall in the flour. You will not be able to store flour. Then how are these big brands able to store flour? This is something to think about.

The message further states that there is a chemical – Benzoyl peroxide. It is also called ‘floor improver’. Its permissible limit is 4 mg. But, flour making firms bump up to 400 mg. What is the reason? Avoid spoilage of flour for a long time. Of course the consumer’s kidney band should ring. In such a situation, try to buy wheat directly and grind your own flour and eat it.

How true is this thing?
On examining this message, it is known that a little truth and a little lie have been presented in it. Dr. Umashankar Srivastava, former Principal Scientist of CSIR IITR, calls this information wrong. He says that of course this chemical is used as an improver. However, it was not found in the flour samples tested in the lab. It is not possible to mix chemicals on such a large scale. You can also test it yourself. If you leave the packed flour in the open, insects will also get into it. Benzoyl peroxide is used only in the preparation of confectionery items like pancakes.

According to the Center for Food Safety, benzoyl peroxide is a food additive. In some places it is used as a treatment agent (improver) in flour. It oxidizes the carotenoids present in the flour. This naturally occurring carotenoid imparts a slight yellowing to the flour. Bezole peroxide gives whiteness to it. Benzoyl peroxide is converted into benzoic acid when the flour is converted into bread. Benzoic acid is a commonly used preservative. Benzoic acid is later excreted through urine. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, benzoyl peroxide is not classified as a carcinogen.

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