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While recalling the memories of a ‘multi-faceted’ actor, the extraordinary fast journey of seventy-five years is visible. Which ranged from dramas to movies and serials to commercials. As if in the world of silver and silver, this is a trick of Ashokmam! Ashok Saraf is known as ‘Ashokamama’ in the theater industry.

Mama’s loving nature is always visible through his body language. This multi-faceted actor has a great command over the strange mathematics of timing on stage. Despite not having the appearance of a hero, he skillfully climbed each step from drama to movies, serials and commercials.

This actor is not limited to Marathi but also in the glamorous Hindi cinema industry as ‘Vinodveer’. His films have not been discussed as much as his dramas. He crossed the path from drama to film with dignity. But they have never forgotten that their clan and origin is a play.

One of Ashok Mama’s plays is always on stage. His fans eagerly welcome the drama. Some want to meet the corrupt policeman of ‘Pandu Havaldar’, some want to meet Mhamdya Khatik from ‘Ramram Gangaram’, some want to meet ‘Bahurupi’ from ‘Bahurupi’ and some the ghost from ‘Ek Daav Bhutacha’! One or two. Due to this, the demand for films also started reaching towards the theatre. This will not be forgotten.
Ashok Saraf! A glamorous name! It is natural for fans to want to know about their lives.

Both Vasantrao and Gopinath Savkar inherited the legacy of their maternal uncles. This comedian has been inactive for the past seventy five years. Senior journalist Meena Karnik has verbalized Ashokmam’s memories. From the book ‘Me Bahurupi’. ‘Granthali’ brought this book to the readers with a beautiful – beautiful color – form and a color history was born. This is not a closed framed autobiography but a collection of memories. Who takes the readers on a great journey with Ashokmama… making a silver-silver journey.

Senior director Raj Dutt says – ‘Like everyone else, Ashok must have faced setbacks in his personal life. There may have been good and bad experiences but it is important to accept all these and continue to live as an artist. As an artist and a human being, Ashok is awake. This is Ashok’s biggest success in my view.

This journey, which started with interbank competition, reached professionals. Later, the cinema made a ‘star’. Apart from Marathi, there was a round trip in Hindi as well. He also passed Musafiri on Doordarshan… and drama is a craze in the house since childhood! It is such a long journey that a Mahagrantha will be fixed on each hall on the entire journey of this ‘Bahurupi’. At one point, Ashok Mama said, – ‘I was born on June 4, 1947 in Mumbai. It was as if the British had stopped waiting for me to be born. I came and they left in haste, giving us freedom!’

Written by Vasantrao Kanetkar and Dr. The drama ‘Shadow of Himalaya’ directed by Sriram Lagoo. Vajatgajat came to the commercial stage by Kalavaibhav. February 6, 1972 is the day. The launch was an experiment. This play is based on the life of social reformer Dhonde Keshav Karve. Yayati and Devayani, Devdas, Rangat Rangala Srirang, Mandarmala, Varcha Kanun, Ek Hota Shimpi, Vidyaharan, Mricchakatika, Madanachi Manjiri, Manapaman, Saubhadra, Shhakkallol, Nakti Lagnala, Legend of Vallabhpur – most of these musical plays. Some of them have come back to the theater. After this drama, Ashok Saraf’s ‘Tatoba’ stood strong as a supporting actor!

The drama ‘Hamidabaichi Kothi’ came to theaters by producer Uday Dhurat’s Mauli Productions. In which the live atmosphere on the Kothi became a shock to the entire theater industry. Samhita by Anil Barve and directed by Vijaya Mehta as well as the lead role. Music by Bhaskar Chandavarkar and the. c. Godse’s Nepathya has been adapted. Around 1976. In this kothi on Hamidabai’s stage, Ashokji introduced a murderer named ‘Lucka’, a murderer, with subtlety.

The wonderful sight of Tawaif culture and each of its masks took me to a different world. Nana Patekar’s Sattar, Neena Joshi’s Shabbo, Bharti Achrekar’s Saida, Vijaya Mehta’s Hamidabai. It is impossible to forget. Pandu Havaldar and Ramram Gangaram – both Dada Kondke’s films were super hits. The role of ‘Mhammdya’ is popular in it.

Ashokji was the only ‘star’ in this ‘team’ at that time. This play was a milestone in his career on stage. But after that, Kolhapur became her ‘maher’ due to films and for about a year, twelve years, the talented artist stood in front of the camera every day. Marathi cinema got more than one good movie from it! anyway It will be a separate subject as two hundred Marathi films and fifty one Hindi films are credited to his name.

Unauthorized after a long interval, Bol Radha Bol, Manomilan, laughing – playing, like a chest pain, Prema how is your color? Lagin Ghai and Vacuum Cleaner – these plays came on stage. Even though he is 75 years old, he has the energy of an 18-year-old. From the age of 18 to seventy-five, this uncle, who is a true Mumbaikar, has been considering theater as a god.

If we had got some roles in some famous plays, they would have been fixed differently, this regret. They are still teased. It includes Ganpatrao Belwalkar in ‘Nat Samrat’, Lakhoba Lokhande in ‘To Me Nayich’ and Sakharam in the play ‘Sakharam Binder’! The play ‘Vacuum Cleaner’. Those who saw it in the first experiment, today after two hundred experiments, many filtered spaces are filled and seen in a new way. ‘Drama is the first love!’ This is multifaceted! Who behind the mask is polite, hardworking, quiet, family friendly!!!

a coincidence. Ashokmama’s ‘Vacuum Cleaner’ is a play by Chinmoy Mandalakar. Creation of ‘Ashtavinayak’. Storm Tolebaazi starring Nirvana Sawant and Mama. Along with ‘Me Swara Aat Te Doan’ starring Nivedita Saraf in the lead role. Experiment with ‘Vacuum Cleaner’ in the morning and ‘Swara’ in the afternoon. This talented couple is still active in theater today. The tuning of both as a ‘lovely couple’ is great.

It has been thirty-three years today. At his wedding. It shows hundred percent commitment to a friendly husband-wife relationship. Mama also says, ‘My marriage with Nivedita is a matter of luck in my life’. In this, Saranka also came.

Talking to the younger generation coming to the glamorous cinema field, he says,

-‘It is a miracle that an actor like me, who does not have the face of a hero, got to do so many diverse roles through all the three mediums of drama, cinema and TV. But why say? Because I have not been able to reach this stage by luck alone. The work done was done very seriously, honestly and with heart. It has never been moved or harmed. Any job, be it small or big. Be it a hero or a villain, comedic or serious. I did it to the best of my ability. It took a lot of hard work!’

The book ‘Me Bahurupi’ brought back memories.

Ashokmama you are great!

Sanjay Dahale

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