Astrology for Sneezing: Is it inauspicious to sneeze before starting auspicious work, know what is the reason

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Astrology for Sneezing: Sneezing Quite common. Sometimes sneezing occurs due to cold, cold and sometimes due to some other reason. But people consider sneezing auspicious and inauspicious. Although sneezing is a natural process, let us know which sneeze is auspicious and which sneeze gives inauspicious signs. Sneezing has been considered an omen since ancient times. Most people chant Om Shanti when they sneeze. Sneezing is considered an indicator of the coming and going of ghosts in the nose. It is considered auspicious when a person is about to start work and sneezes at the same time. If the sneeze has caught another person, the timing and direction need to be taken into account.

importance of sneezing

Sneezing is very important for omen. Which happened suddenly and without reason. If you are about to start some work and you sneeze, you should stop working for a while. If you sneeze while going out, then you should sit back and drink water after returning home.

So sneezing is good

If the sound of sneezing is heard from the south-east direction in the first half of the day, then there is an interruption in work. If this sound is heard from the same direction in the second half of the day, then there is a fear of fire. Hearing this sound in the third half of the day gives a chance to meet a friend. In the fourth section, there is information about happiness on hearing sneezing.

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