At the height of 700 feet, the person opened the gate of the plane, then what happened…


New Delhi. Imagine the flight is about to land and suddenly its gate opens, what will happen? The breath will get stuck, will it not? This happened in South Korea. In South Korea on Friday, a passenger present in an Asiana Airlines flight opened the door of the aircraft, that too when there were only 2 minutes left for landing and the flight was at an altitude of 700 feet. Its pictures have also come to the fore. The gate of the plane opened and there was a hue and cry. It is being told that the person who opened the gate was trying to jump, so he opened the door. However, the flight landed safely and the man has been arrested.

According to media reports, this Asiana Airline flight had taken off from Jeju Island. The flight was about to land in South Korea, when a passenger suddenly opened the emergency exit door of the plane. Seeing this scene, 194 passengers in the flight get scared. They started screaming. However, it is a matter of relief that no one lost his life in this incident. A major accident has been avoided. All 194 passengers are safe.

It is also being claimed that the plane’s gate was open even when it landed at Daegu International Airport. However, many passengers aboard the flight also fainted due to the gate being open while flying. He was having trouble breathing. However, as soon as the plane landed, the police arrested the 30-year-old accused who opened the gate.

It is being told that when he tried to open the emergency exit gate of the plane, the crew members tried to stop him but they could not stop him. It is also being said that when the passenger opened the plane gate, the plane was flying at a height of about 700 feet from the ground.

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